As of April 2015 THCVS is now 5 years old; and we took the opportunity at that time to reflect on the great progress we have made since we were first established and also to work with the voluntary and community sector (VCS) to develop plans that will take us through the next 5 years.

We know that the next 5 years will provide many challenges for the communities of Tower Hamlets and for the voluntary and community groups that support them. Whilst the economy recovers elsewhere, cuts to public spending will continue to impact on the charitable sector for what may prove to be many more years. We believe that organisations like THCVS are vital in bringing people together to face these challenges and to ensure society can collectively address times of change.

Our 5 year strategy will take us from January 2016 to December 2020. It sets out how THCVS will support the voluntary, community and faith sectors (VCS) in Tower Hamlets to face the challenges in the coming years, and how we will ensure our own sustainability to enable that to happen. Our intention is that our core activities will continue to provide a strong, stable and effective base from which can work – supporting the VCS to develop better outcomes for individuals.

Our full strategy document is available as a .pdf in the link below.