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THCVS in partnership with Women’s Inclusive Team (WIT) and Somali women from Tower Hamlets have developed a pilot programme to better understand the health inequalities experienced while accessing sexual and reproductive health services.  


The project started with gathering information from a group of 15 women aged between 35- 65 report 

The findings were very clear that there are health inequalities that need to be addressed. After further consultation, it was decided, there would be a focus on sexual and reproductive health as well as cervical and some awareness on childhood immunisations in consultation with the PCNs within the pilot.  

Steering group  

The women from the original consultation continue to work with WIT. Firstly through weekly information and consultation sessions to ensure they have knowledge they can share and contribute to discussions on solutions with the healthcare system.  

The women are leading the discussions with the PCNs.  

Work with PCNs  

The feedback from the consultations with the women identified that if people were going to engage in prevention, screening approaches and services, then the issue of access needs to be addressed. The PCNs are aware that there are access issues and are keen to explore how to improve access and increase uptake of prevention and screening programmes.  

A series of consultation sessions were planned with a GP practice and reception staff to create solutions. The women supported discussions using consultation tools created from the women’s feedback.  

Case study    

Three women were spoken with and interviewed in more depth as case studies to provide a better understanding of the various barriers some people are experiencing in accessing health in Tower Hamlets. A further case study looked at experiences of Somali older women living in a care facility within the borough.  

Links to Instagram live

To create a wider reach in sharing health and accessing health information, Women’s Inclusive Team facilitated a series of live conversations on Instagram and shared it on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp groups.  


Delivery is overseen through a Local Delivery Board (LDB) and delivered through two Primary Care Networks (PCNs). 


Key partners include

  • Tower Hamlets CVS  
  • Women’s Inclusive Team  
  • Queen Marys University  
  • ICS -cancer alliance  
  • 2 Locality Health and wellbeing committees  
  • TH Local Authority – Public health community team  
  • THT – Local delivery board, lifecourse workstream – Living well and women’s reproductive health sub group  
  • GP practices (local patient groups)  
  • FGM clinic at Barts with Women’s health and family service  
  • Positive East  
  • GP Care Group