Our Staff

Vicky Scott

Vicky joins THCVS from neighbouring Hackney CVS where she was Head of Operations and helped to steer the organisation through COVID. During the pandemic she was inspired by the powerful leadership of community groups. She believes in the crucial role of the CVS to empower the hundreds of local charities and community groups to create real and radical change, to connect and to ensure an equitable role in partnerships. 

Area of expertise

Governance, Partnerships, Strategy and Managing Change.

Work Background

With many years experience of charity governance, both in the arts and the voluntary & community sector, her experience includes all aspects of running charities including creating organisational change and building engaged and enthused teams. She is also Interim Chair at Lewisham Refugee & Migrant Network. 

Favourite thing to do in Tower Hamlets: 

Walk by Thames path and the canals 




Alison Robert

Alison joined THCVS in July 2017

Area of expertise                                  Partnerships, fundraising and strategy, coproduction  

Work Background                                 Alison has always worked in the charity sector as a frontline employee and senior manager 

She worked in the charitable sector in sexual health and wellbeing, developing education programmes in schools, colleges and through outreach.

Also in the local authority developing teenage pregnancy strategy  building collaborations, commissioning youth and sexual health services and in the NHS as a counsellor in GP practices across Lambeth

Favourite place in Tower Hamlets:

Lahore Kebab House 

Favourite thing to do in Tower Hamlets: 

Walking around Victoria Park and exploring new places

Sam Crosby

Sam joined THCVS in June 2023


Esther Johnson

Esther Joined THCVS in November 2023 and is eager  to influence change and develop the capacity of voluntary and community sector groups. Raised in Tower Hamlets Esther understands the challenges that Tower Hamlets VCS organisations are faced with and is equipped to navigate through it by amplifying the voice of the local VCSE sector. With a background in scrum and project coordination Esther is able to use her facilitation, organisational, problem-solving, communication and adaptability skills to bring organisations together to influence changes in policy.


Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan joined THCVS in April 2019

Area of Expertise:

Digital Development and communications, marketing and governance.

Work Background:

Jonathan started volunteering in 2018 working on research, State of the Sector survey, and support on communications and membership.

In April 2019 started as Interim Communications and Membership officer, he is now responsible for the THCVS website, eBulletins and social media, and delivering training and support for organisations around digital.

Favourite thing to do in Tower Hamlets:

Walk from the river to the inner parts of the borough taking pictures, It’s amazing the variety of things you can find from street art, hidden gardens and very interesting architecture!


Our Trustees

Chris Ley

Chris has worked within the Voluntary, Charity or Public Sector for the past 30 years and is in his 20th year here in Tower Hamlets.

He is currently Network Director of the Poplar & Limehouse Health Network which is a Community Interest Company providing health and wellbeing initiatives working with GPs and community partners in Poplar, Limehouse and the Isle of Dogs. He also works for the TH GP Care Group (the GP Federation in Tower Hamlets), managing strategic work across the Borough.

Chris values the opportunity, to work as a Trustee of THCVS, to help support voluntary organisations to continue to provide their vital services to the residents of Tower Hamlets.

Selina Uddin​

Jama Omar

Jama is a senior member of the Somali Senior Citizens Club and has lived in Tower Hamlets for 27 years. Jama values collaboration between local organisations highly, and is an active participant in many local forums including the Premises Forum.

Haydor Ali