The ParentPower Project

The ParentPower project wants Tower Hamlets to be a place where parents are confident to chat and play with their children at home; be more involved in the children’s nurseries and schools; and feel empowered to learn and play together as a family. The ParentPower project are looking for mums, dads and carers to join them as Parent Advisors and share their views of parenting in TH.

What is the role? To help make sure that project activities are relevant for families with young children, through sharing views and contributing to the development and delivery of services for families.

How will it work? Meetings are held online every six weeks with a friendly group of representatives from local organisations and services. 

Participants will be able to share ideas and skills to help parents support their children’s learning. You can connect with other people living and working in TH. ParentPartners will provide ‘thank you’ vouchers from a supermarket store of your choice.

To find out more, please email Becca: to arrange a chat.

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