The Fore: Registration for Autumn 2022 Funding Round

Deadline Monday 5 September

Registration for The Fore’s Autumn 2022 Funding Round opened on 25 July. For this funding round, The Fore is offering unrestricted grants of up to £30,000 that can be spread over one to three years. The Fore are interested in unlocking potential for small charities who are ready to take their next step forward and for whom our support will have transformational impact on an organisational level. The grants can be used for whatever grantees think will help transform their scale, sustainability, reach or efficiency. Any UK-registered charities, CICs or CBSs with annual incomes under £500,000 are welcome to apply. Once organisations have registered, they will have until Monday 5th September at 5pm to complete their applications.

The Fore is particularly keen to fund organisations run by, and/or working with, marginalised communities, and ‘micro’ organisations (organisations with an income of under £100,000). The Fore encourages applicants to make a carefully considered ‘ask’ commensurate with the scale of their organisation and impact of the grant, for instance smaller charities might wish to apply for less than the maximum available.


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