Free Resilience Coaching

Every Monday 9 – 30 May / 2.00 to 4.00pm / Peter Bedford Housing Association, Make & Meet Hub, 242 Kingsland Road

During the sessions, participants will: Define what it means to be resilient / Learn about their unique relationship with stress / Identify their character strengths, support systems and resources / Practice techniques and strategies to cope with adversity.

The aim is that participants end the programme: Feel empowered, more self-aware and self-compassionate / Start to embed positive mindfulness and wellbeing habits / Feel more equipped to face challenging situations.

There are four group sessions in total, participants will also be offered two tailored 1-1 coaching sessions at no cost. While it is suitable for people with challenging mental health, Resilience Coaching is not suitable for people who are currently in mental health crisis, nor is it a replacement for therapy and mental health treatment.

This is a dynamic, inclusive and educational programme that takes a strengths-based approach to coaching and champions compassion. Activities will include discussion, breathing and yoga techniques, mindfulness and confidence-building activities. 

For more information and to register, please email, for attention of Lucy and Lani.


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