Closed Beta testing – Prevent E-Learning, New Awareness Refresher training & Closed Beta testing – Prevent E-Learning, Channel/ PMAP training

The Home Office, Prevent training team are looking for volunteers to test the new Prevent Refresher Awareness course and Channel/PMAP course module. The courses will be available on the new Prevent training service platform, which will be launched later this year.

They hope that you may be able to help us and put this information in your newsletters and other communications to your members, to be involved in the user testing sessions, which will take place between the 8th and 19th August  to sign up to the appropriate Eventbrite. The training will be open to them to complete within their own time frame during the two week period

User testing of the Refresher Awareness course (August  2022): The Refresher Awareness course is a condensed version of the Prevent Awareness course and you must have completed the Home Office Prevent Awareness course, or another awareness training package, within the last two years. Please use this Eventbrite link to register your interest.

User testing of the Channel / PMAP course (August 2022): Channel is a programme which focuses on supporting people at an early stage who could be drawn into terrorism. The Prevent Training Team would like to invite Channel / PMAP Chairs, panel members or people who just would be interested in participating in the testing.

The testing will include independently going through the training and completing a follow-up survey. The Prevent Training Team would also like to schedule a 60 minute video call with a small number of users, during which time they will complete the training and be asked some follow-up questions by our researchers. Please use this Eventbrite link to register your interest.

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