Emergencies Partnership – VCS Involvement in Covid-19 testing and vaccination

In March, the VCS Emergencies Partnership ran a survey on how the voluntary sector in your areas have been supporting Covid-19 testing and vaccination activities. They are pleased to now share the results, which show the breadth of VCS support for these critical public health programmes.

Voluntary and Community Sector involvement in Covid-19 testing and vaccination

  • 93% of respondents said the voluntary sector in their area has supported Covid-19 vaccination efforts between Jan-March 2021
  • 70% of respondents reported VCS involvement in Covid-19 testing over the same period

The recommendations have been shared with the NHS Equality Committee and Vaccination Equities Team, and the wider VCSEP network.

These findings and recommendations will sit alongside the Emergencies Partnership’s reviews of the voluntary sector’s role in and value to the Covid-19 response, and will inform the Partnership’s approach to VCS integration into post-Covid emergency preparedness.

If you have any comments or queries you can get in contact at vcsep_im@redcross.org.uk.