The Equalities Hub is key to the new direction for the Council’s equalities provision, providing a central strategic focus, responding to the community’s needs and issues.  
The Hub will be vital to bringing about a more coordinated approach to equalities in the borough.   

Hub Planning Principles

Inclusion – planning ahead and pacing activities so there is scope to input into plans and involve Network members  
Adding Value – not duplicating what the Networks do but complementing, supporting and helping co-ordinate to amplify and maximise impact  
Promoting Cohesion – focus on equalities issues that impact across communities and where there is value in combining efforts 

Tower Hamlets Equalities Hub is a partnership between THCVS and Healthwatch Tower Hamlets and funded by Tower Hamlets Council

Tower Hamlets CVS

BAME Network


Contact: Farjana Moriam

The BAME Network aims to build a strong and supportive network in hopes to become a resource for Local BAME communities bringing you diversity and representation.

The BAME Network is a chance to utilise the community’s voice by addressing the inequalities faced by the BAME community in hopes to improve everyday experiences and life chances for individuals within the community.

What to look forward to?
Invitations to the BAME Network quarterly meetings where all organisations will gather to discuss, share ideas and explore BAME objectives, as well as producing newsletters every quarter that bring you updates and insightful feed. To add you will also be invited to local events where community members and organisations will gather together online or in safe environments with Covid measures in place.

How to join the BAME Network?
Contact Farjana Moriam to request a membership form

Disabled People's Network

– Strengthen the voice, representation and participation of disabled people in Tower Hamlets
– Tackle inequality and improve services
– Provide opportunities for local people to come together to celebrate, and increase understanding and
awareness of disabled people.


The network is bringing local disabled people and Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations together to strengthen the voice, increase representation and participation of disabled residents, identify issues in the borough that have an impact on disabled people, to advocate for them and take action to tackle inequalities faced by those who are disabled.

Inter Faith Forum

The forum aims to inform faith groups about opportunities of interest, such as social prescribing, and in turn to make statutory groups aware of faith’s offer to society. THIFF aim to highlight issues that matter to local people, such as mental wellbeing, crime and financial issues.

Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum works to highlight the significant contribution that faith organisations play in the lives of Tower Hamlets residents. The forum works to bridge the gap between faith groups and the council. It provides the space to identify how faith organisations can play an even bigger role in the future success of all communities who live and work here.

LGBT+ Forum

The aim of the LGBTQ+ forum is to improve service provision for LGBT community, increase local LGBT visibility, reduce inequality and discrimination and widen local social networking opportunities.


The LGBT+ community forum is for LGBT+ people who live, work or study in the borough, providing an opportunity to come together, to explore local issues for the LGBT+ community, and to network / increase social connections. The forum meets monthly, and provides a monthly newsletter providing information about local matters of interest to the LGBT+ community and runs LGBT events to enhance visibility and increase opportunity for the community to come together. There is also a practitioners network, for LGBT+ staff and those who are interested in ensuring services are enabled to meet the needs of the LGBT+ community and to reduce barriers to receiving support. Support is offered to Practitioners through some learning events and a bulletin providing up to date research on the needs of LGBT+ community

Older People's Reference Group

The Older People’s Reference Group is forum for residents aged 50+ to have their say about services in the borough. We believe that the voices and opinions of older people are the most important thing when it comes to planning services that affect their lives. 

Members of the Older People’s Reference Group: • Receive information new policy, services and activities in the borough • Meet speakers from the local authority and other service providers and have the opportunity to give their views about the services on offer • Take part in small discussion groups • Attend special events • Meet other older people living in the area through our strong links with local older people’s Hubs (Age UK East London, Neighbours in Poplar, Sonali Gardens, The Sundial Centre, and Toynbee Hall)

Women's Network

The Tower Hamlets Women’s Network aims to create a programme to raise the profile of women in the borough, share ideas and explore current issues impacting on women in the borough. 

Membership of the Network is open to women who are local residents and women who are members or staff of local women’s groups and VCS organisations.

Throughout the year there will be quarterly Network meetings, newsletters, events, workshops and opportunities for learning and development. The aim is to build a strong and supportive network as a resource for all local women and provide inspiration for creating a more equal society for the benefit of the whole community.

Youth Council




Contact: Kahdra Said

London Borough of Tower Hamlets recognise the value of involving young people in decisions that affect them. All young people who live, work or study in Tower Hamlets can apply to be a part of the Youth Council, Young Mayor Programme and No Place for Hate


Young people can join the youth council which is a rolling programme. They have the opportunity to take part in debates and forums about the community and young people. They also plan and deliver their own programmes raising awareness if issues that concern young people.