We offer advice for free to local organisations and groups. We run a range of training, workshops and forums but if you have a specific query or problem you'd like support with over a period of time you can email Gemma and Jacqui with a short message and they will take it from there. You can each them via gemma@thcvs.org.uk and jacqui@thcvs.org.uk.

As a charity ourselves, our advice is offered across three separate but connected projects:

        1. Support for organisations currently in receipt of council funding

        2. Support for organisations who are not currently funded by the council

Both of these strands, funded by Tower Hamlets council, provide free one to one advice, training, and email and phone support to organisations operating in Tower Hamlets.

        3. The Governance Finance and Impact project

This project, funded by the City Bridge Trust, provides a combination of training and one to one support for  whole organisations (both board and staff) designed to improve your ability to plan your work, manage your money, and ensure that you're making the difference you set out to make.

 Subject areas that we can cover include:

  • Governance arrangements, governing documents and charity registration
  • Start-up advice for very new organisations
  • Project planning, budgeting and wider strategic and business planning
  • Fundraising advice,  fundraising strategies and feedback on draft funding applications
  • Guidance on commissioning and partnership working
  • Information and advice about the practical aspects of running an organisation
  • Support and advice for organisations facing crisis and/or closure
  • Advice on quality assurance, including PQASSO mentoring

The abiding principle of all of our development work is that although our clients are mostly organisations and groups, the ultimate beneficiaries of the advice we give are the people of Tower Hamlets. By helping voluntary organisations to become more sustainable and to operate safely and legally we hope to contribute to increased quality and sustainability of voluntary sector services for local people.