THCVS State of the Sector Survey 2018

The State of the Sector Survey is our project to create an annual snapshot of the shape and size of our local sector, full of details ranging from organisations turnover, how you're feeling about pressing issues such as premises or comissioning, and what you'd like to see change.

The findings from the survey along with previous reports are listed below. 


The THCVS annual State of the Sector Survey is aimed at organisations who identify as voluntary organisations, community groups, the community work of faith groups, and those social enterprises where there is a wider accountability to the public via a board of trustees or a membership and all profits will be reinvested in their social purpose.

THCVS wants to give a strong voice to the sector and influence to those in power around the challenges facing the sector, in an environment that is fast changing. Completing the survey helps us help you better.

THCVS wants to be able to 

- Plan support tailored to needs of the sector
- Help the sector respond to changing funding environments
- Lobbying on behalf of the sector
- Use our influence to support the needs of the sector,
- Speaking up about the sector's value
- Support and promote new opportunities to grow
- Connect the sector better represent the sector better with those who hold power.