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The Code of Practice, a structure to play on was written in 2007 to support more inclusive playwork in different settings. While much has changed since 2007 child led approaches and inclusive practice has not. Use of social media needs to be added and for it to make sense for another organisation it needs to link to project policy & practice.

A core part of PATH’s work was embedding the theory and practice of playwork. Play is a biological, psychological and social necessity and is fundamental to the healthy development and wellbeing of individuals and communities (Playwork Principles)

PATH created various publications and resources over the years. Some are here to download with the archive of information being held at Tower Hamlets History Library.

Best Play

Best Play was published in March 2000 by National Playing Fields Association (now Fields in Trust) PLAYLINK and the Children’s Play Council. This report sets out clear aims, includes wide ranging research about the benefits of play and makes the case for public investment.

PATH was set up in 2001, using this document as the case for investment in staffed play projects in Tower Hamlets.

We used it in 2020 to underpin grants PATH gave to staffed play projects.

Tower Hamlets Local Community Fund

In 2019 long-established play projects were unsuccessful applying for Local Community Fund as LCF did not recognise play as a priority. 

Making the case for play collates financial information from 2 other boroughs, sent to every Councillor and the mayor in September 2019 following cabinet meetings about LCF’s decision. 

PATH’s hopes having an LBTH owned Play Charter will create more opportunities and bring essential revenue funds to play projects that are a lifeline for thousands of children in Tower Hamlets.

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