Play in Tower Hamlets

PATH was integral to bringing funding for play into Tower Hamlets, working with central government, national play organisations and LBTH to write a borough play strategy in 2005. PATH’s partnerships with play projects led to revenue income from the National Lottery to run Play Matters in 2007 and capital investment from central Government in 2008 creating new play spaces in parks, estates and to build Roman Road Adventure Playground, now fully funded by Clarion Housing.

In 2019 Tower Hamlets Local Community Fund failed to recognise play as a priority, projects previously receiving a small match fund from the borough lost all financial support. At the same time, as part of the Children & Families Strategy 2019-2024 a Play Charter was written. [1]

PATH and 3 member play projects formed a Play Partnership the Partnership continues and is being supported by THCVS. As part of PATH’s closure members and community groups were surveyed, resulting in play grants from PATH’s reserves.

Since the benefit of play for all children’s health, happiness and development has become more apparent after a year of Covid the hope is play will feature as a priority in Local Community Fund 2022.

If you want to know more or support and donate to these projects please get in contact with Tower Hamlets CVS


1. Play Charter

Play Association Tower Hamlets

Registered Charity 1110356