The Hope campaign is the Tower Hamlets LGBT forums response to hate crime.


During previous meetings, forum members discussed the idea of a social media campaign which focuses on both the positive and negative aspects of LGBT life in Tower Hamlets.

LGBT BAME communities in particular shared that there is an enormous lack of visibility and acceptance mainly from and within their communities in Tower Hamlets. The Trans community in Tower Hamlets also expressed a lack of representation within Tower Hamlets.

The concept for #WeAreHereTH is based on this feedback. Elop will conduct 1 on 1 interviews with TH based LGBT people and hear about their experience in Tower Hamlets, be it negative or positive. We will then link these experiences to #WeAreHereTH and post on website/social media. There will also be a possibility for people to tweet their experience. We will send out posts like send us your story under the #WeAreHereTH or email it to

Type of stories

Act of kindness, outstanding acceptance from any TH based organisations including faith orgs, inclusive environments. Or conversely stories of hate crime, discrimination, exclusion etc. in Tower Hamlets.

The hope is that this raises awareness and visibility for all LGBT communities in TH. But particularly those underrepresented or minorities in Tower Hamlets.

If you would like to be involved please contact or on 0208 509 3898.