Tuesday 9th July  10.00am to 1.00pm

Bede Community Centre, 9 Bede Square, Joseph Street, E3 4GY

There are many different ways citizens can contribute to helping develop services. Whatever form their particiopation takes (e.g. service user involvement, co-production, participatory or peer research), the commmon theme is that it helps our systems and services become more meaningful for those they're designed to benefit.

This workshop will explore how we value those contributions and different ways peoples' time can be acknowledged and rewarded.

The session will be facilitated by Neil Dunford from East London SEND Net and Zack Ahmed from the Tower Hamlets Community Insight Programme. Anyone with an interest in thinking about how we navigate the swampy terrain of payment and recompense is welcome to join us.

Please note- it has not been able to secure a very large venue, which means places are fairly limited so please do only sign up if you intend to come on the day.

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