The new VCS Strategy 2020-23 builds on the foundations of the current VCS Strategy 2016-19, which aimed to reset the relationship between the VCS and the Council.

The new Strategy could be based on the following objectives:

  1. The role of the Voluntary and Community Sector in Tower Hamlets 
  2. Leveraging resources 
  3. Improving sustainability  

It is being developed through a series of consultative discussions about the proposed new themes in relation to the themes of the Tower Hamlets Plan:

  • Better health and wellbeing
  • A better deal for children and young people
  • Good jobs and employment
  • Strong, resilient and safe communities

VCS Strategy 2020 – 2023 Approach


LBTH will ensure that they have clear measures of performance, so that we can demonstrate both the change that the strategy makes and the difference that this ultimately makes to local people (e.g. that health outcomes for local people improve).


The principles of co-design and co-production underpin the current strategy and it is proposed that these continue to shape the development and delivery of future working

Partnership approach:

Unlike the current the strategy, the new strategy will be a joint strategy with key infrastructure organisations such as the Tower Hamlets Council, THCVS, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Tower Hamlets Homes (THH).  Governance of the strategy should ideally be from a partnership body, such as Co-operate.

Recognising and building on what already exists:

Minimise duplication of effort and ‘consultation fatigue’ by drawing on existing evidence from residents and from the work that the VCS is already contributing to across various strategies and activities.

Strengthening social cohesion:

A key goal of this strategy will be to recognise and support the contribution to social cohesion that can be achieved through the involvement of smaller resident, volunteer-led community groups.


Notes from the VCS Strategy Development Workshops

From last November a series of workshops have been led by Gemma Cossins from LBTH involving voluntary and community groups. 

The notes have been taken from the following VCS Strategy Development Workshops: 

  • Codesign Event: Nov 27th
  • Training Employment and Enterprise Forum: Dec 5th
  • Coproduction Network: Dec 10th

Please note: all notes are typed ‘as is’ from flipchart and have been collated under suggested themes and grouped under emerging sub-headings.

Notes from the workshops

If you want to comment on the notes and themes or further feedback please contact or