The new Tower Hamlets Community Plan will set shared ambitions for the borough and the practical outcomes we will jointly work towards.  Please see the document below for more information and to see the questions the council is using to engage with people.

What you can do to support this

If you have any opportunities such as events or meetings over the next couple of weeks where we could come and talk to your service users and other community members about their views of the borough, please let me know. The council have already talked to lots of people and we are keen to talk to more, particularly people from Black and Minority Ethnic communities, younger people and older people.  

Also if you do have any documents that give insight into the community views about the borough or any aspect of it, please do send these through as soon as possible, as we want to take into account the information that is already there as well as collecting new information

Please email with documents or details of opportunities to engage