Seeds for Growth charity
Established 14 years ago to address heath, well-being and employment issues for disadvantaged communities. Our programmes include launching 36 food co-ops, providing healthy and fresh food for 34,000 people. Establishing pupil led fruit tuck shops. The Buywell programme to encourage convenience stores to sell fresh fruit and vegetables.

Community Food Gardens
The charity now has a programme to establish new community food gardens in waste land on social housing estates.

The first three are in the Barkantine Estate, Isle of Dogs.

Community Food Gardens 
Alexander Tiller Road, E14 8PT
Recruit Volunteers - May 2019
Building the Garden - June 2019

Thameside Kingsbridge Estate, Westferry Road, E14 3SD
Recruit Volunteers - June 2019
Building the Garden - July 2019

Spinnaker Byng Street, E14 8LQ
Recruit Volunteers - August 2019
Building the Garden - September 2019

Applications are now invited for the following work: -
➢ Community Development Worker
➢ Gardener
➢ Builder

Deadline – Friday 26 April 2019
Please provide the following to –
▪ Details of your relevant experience and skills, including previous work.
▪ Your hourly rate.
▪ Please advise if you are self-employed or would want to go onto the payroll.
▪ For the Community Development Worker please describe what you would do to recruit local people as volunteers?
▪ Curriculum vitae.

See here for information about the roles available. For further information please contact Gregory Cohn at

Closing Date: 
Thursday, 25 April, 2019 - 13:30