If you would like to have a real say in how Tower Hamlets can be experienced as a safer, better and more inclusive place to live, then join Toynbee Hall new and exciting and two-year project!

Toynbee Hall has been tasked by Trust for London with conducting a research project looking at how safe and integrated Tower Hamlets residents feel within their community. Toynbee Hall has a commitment to, and a rich history of, tackling poverty, inequality and injustice within our local community, and an important part of this has been to provide our community with a platform to share their experiences with key decision-makers. This is why we need your help!

As you live every day in Tower Hamlets, YOU are the experts around the issues Tower Hamlets residents face and how things can be made better for your community. This is why we want you to be at the center of this project, as a peer researcher, deciding what issues we should study, how we should study them, and how we can work together to create positive changes that will benefit you and your community.

Toynbee Hall will provide you with the training and resources (including compensation for your time and food and drink for taking part) you will need to carry out research around the needs of your community. You do NOT need any experience in carrying out research, as full training will be given. They will also work with you, and provide the resources and platform that you will need, to campaign for changes that will have a positive impact for both yourself and your community.


If you have any further questions please email our Research Manager, Philip Mullen: philip.mullen@toynbeehall.org.uk