Tower Hamlets Council have recently set up a race commission in Tower Hamlet to address some of the issues of inequalities in the borough and to invite you to contribute to the work of the commission by providing a written submission.

Events since the killing of George Floyd by a Police Officer in the United States coupled with the Public Health England’s findings on the disproportionate impact of COVID19 on Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities has brought race inequalities and systemic racism to the forefront of international and national discourse.

In response, LBTH have launched a race commission to develop a plan of focussed action to tackle racial inequalities in the borough.  LBTH want to understand the lived experiences of our Black, Asian, Minority ethnic residents and identify actions we can collectively take to address the inequality our communities face.

The Commission will be led by three key objectives:

  • Engage and operate at the heart of ‘Tower Hamlets’ communities to hear about people’s lived experiences, challenges and solutions, specifically Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women and young people who experience higher levels of inequality.
  • Work with institutions to advance and prioritise race equality to encourage a more inclusive, cohesive, thriving and representative Tower Hamlets.
  • Influence local, sub-regional and regional leaders who have significant influence on Tower Hamlets, particularly in the development of policy and strategy practices and the allocation of resources.

The Commission will focus on three priority areas with an additional focus on Education:

  • Community Leadership – Exploring how we can support the diverse range of people into leadership roles within communities and the support needed for them.
  • Health – We will focus on information and communication to BAME communities and racism in the NHS which is preventing access and change in behaviour.
  • Employment – Focus on BAME people in senior roles in organisations – enable open and honest conversations with employers and employees about barriers and glass ceilings.

The first commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday 8th October 2020, 11am-2pm.  At this meeting LBTH will focus on community Leadership as the first priority area. For the purpose of this commission, LBTH have defined Community Leadership as:

  • Focus on Boards/ groups where people can represent the voice of their communities. Transition from leading at community level to be the voice of the community and challenges with this and support available.
  • Identify the barriers to becoming community leaders and how they can be tackled.
  • Engage with local organisations, exploring how they are creating leadership opportunities and how they can be supported to deliver more.
  • Address the issue of a minority within the minority, with a focus on women, young people and smaller Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups.

LBTH want to understand how they can support women and young people into leadership roles and support our communities better.

This is a calling for evidence  in the form of a written submission that can be presented to the commissioners at the meeting on the 8th October. LBTH want to hear from your organisation about community leadership, details of which can be accessed from the link below:

They are asking following questions in the call for evidence and would welcome your response to this:

  • What does community leadership mean to you?
  • Are you involved in our local community, if yes, why did you get involved?
  • What do you think are the barriers to getting involved or becoming a community leader?
  • What qualities or skills do you think are needed to become a community leader?
  • What support do you think is needed to encourage more local people to get involved and become community leaders?

If it’s easier, please send your written submission to the e-mail address below by close of business on Tuesday 6th October 2020:

LBTH will keep you updated on the work of the commission which will also be published on the website. If you want to have a conversation about this, you can contact :