The Drug & Alcohol Action Team is currently refreshing the local Tower Hamlets Substance Misuse Strategy which will span 5 years (2019-2024) and will comprise of the following three priorities:

  • Early Intervention & Prevention
  • Evidence Based Treatment and Recovery Support
  • Reducing Drug & Alcohol Related Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

The Policy Manager for Substance Misuse (Marion Morris) has met with a wide range of partners to help identify gaps in the current strategy; as this engagement phase is coming to an end it is timely to map current interventions being delivered in the borough, covering the three priorities, so that LBTH can match these against identified gaps and formulate actions for the strategy and linked action plan.

An integral part of the strategy development is understanding what we are doing as key stakeholders, voluntary and community organisations to deliver services across these three priorities. To help identify what work is currently underway in the borough this mapping exercise will cover ‘life course’ and be asked of all support and advice services in the borough, whether commissioned or not.

For the purpose of this exercise, LBTH have defined prevention as: Prevention of any substance use at all, delaying the onset of use, and preventing or reducing the harms caused by substance use to individuals, families and communities. Please answer these questions with as much detail as possible, including all the interventions you deliver. 

Please could you forward your response to  by  16th August 2019.  Due to the time constraints on this piece of work LBTH would be grateful if you could keep to this deadline.

Based on the information that is  provided LBTH may get in contact with the organisation to  gather other information that will feed into the work stream.  A staff member from the DAAT  will be more than happy to meet up / discuss on the phone and assist any organisation in completing the questionnaire. 

Attached is a list of services LBTH  are requesting information from; this list is by no means final and is likely to grow further.


Prevention Mapping Questionnaire 

Mapping Services