A New Chapter in Mile End

by Michelle Lindson, Community Development Coordinator

The 'Nature and Us' project has delivered community outreach work in the Mile End area, especially Shandy Park, since June 2018. The project was funded by Tower Hamlets Council when Section 106 contributions, from development in Mile End, were directed to community cohesion projects, such as ours.

We had no idea the project would be so successful! We delivered around 40 events/courses, engaged over 1,000 local residents, made positive physical changes to a variety of greenspaces, and built new partnerships with many local organisations.

When I started the project I was most excited about connecting residents with local nature. But, as time passed, I grew so much pleasure from meeting and chatting with you all at our events, or when I just saw you passing on the streets of Tower Hamlets. I have made new friends and, more than anywhere else I've lived before, I feel very much a part of the community here.

Although I am sad to say that the funding for this project came to an end on 30th June 2019, I am excited to see where our community outreach will take us next. We are applying for funding to continue our important work, in some capacity, in this area.

Although we will not be able to run as many events in Shandy Park, as we have done to date, we will still be around. Keep an eye out for our posters, e-newsletters and social media posts! 

Until then, we will develop more of a community focus in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, and we are of course still delivering our community cohesion project in the Aldgate East area, especially Swedenborg Gardens, until the end of October 2019. For those of you in the Mile End area, we would love to see you at our events in Swedenborg Gardens!

Thank you everybody for your amazing support to date. I look forward to seeing you and working with you more in Tower Hamlets!

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