Who can access this service?

Any mum who has become unwell with a mental health problem during the postal natal period over the age of 18.

For more information or to make a referral please contact use at mumsmatter@mithn.org.uk or telephone 0207 510 1081.

What is Mums Matter?

Mums Matter is an early intervention services that women self-refer or be referred by other professionals. It is an eight-week course that has been designed for mums who are experiencing mental health challenges in the perinatal period.

The course was designed by and for women with lived experiences of perinatal mental health issues and organisations that deliver services for women.

What our service provides?

Mum will be supported by a local Mind facilitator to develop: -

  • methods to help them to manage their everyday mental health
  • the awareness and understanding it is ok not to be ok and are able to dispel the myths they are told about motherhood
  • tools and strategies to nurture themselves
  • peer support through the service which continues when the structured sessions end

Benefits of the service:

  • Women without a formal diagnosis are helped quicker than via traditional methods for example talking therapies thereby reducing the burden on those services
  • The number of women accessing formal primary or secondary care for postnatal services is reduced
  • Family members are less effected by postnatal mental health problems
  • Partners/supporters can support the mother more effectively

Women can access other community and statutory mental health services through the knowledge and expertise of the local Mind facilitator.

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