The council have noticed one or two LCF organisation forms have been submitted without annual accounts attached.  For a few days at the beginning of the process the form did not have the upload slot.  We emailed all those organisations which appeared to have started an organisation form to advise them what to do but clearly either the email did not get to the right person or we missed some organisations.  The council are therefore writing again to advise organisations what to do if they have not been able to upload annual accounts to their organisation form.

If you have already submitted your organisation form without annual accounts attached, please email a copy to and copy David Freeman in on  You should receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours. 

If you have not submitted your organisation form and there is no upload box for you to attach your annual accounts you can either,

Combine your accounts with your financial procedures document as one document and upload the combined document using the financial procedures upload, or
Email a copy of your latest annual accounts to and copy David Freeman.

The assessors are aware of the initial glitch in the system so will be checking to see whether annual accounts may have been included as part of financial procedures.  We will also double check.

If you have any queries, please email and copy to David Freeman in.