Noon on 17th May is the deadline for LCF bids to be submitted.  This includes the organisation form with the documents uploaded and all the project forms organisations want to submit.  We will not accept any bids or supporting documents after 12:00 noon on 17th May.  The only exception to this may be if the council asks for supporting documents to be resubmitted as there are occasional problems with document uploads.


During the final two weeks the LCF is open the council will endeavour to respond to queries as soon as possible.  Many common questions are answered in the FAQs so please read them to see whether the answer to your query is there.  All queries should be sent to  If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please email me (

If you have problems relating to the forms, such as saving, retrieving or submitting them, password issues or any other technical query, please contact or phone 020 7364 3080.

Please do not leave submitting your form to the last minute.  If you have a problem submitting your forms, let us know and we will try to help make sure you get everything to us on time.  If you leave it until after the submission deadline to contact us, we will not be able to accept your bid.  Ideally you should aim to have your forms submitted by Thursday evening (16th).

Finally, just a reminder that we need just one organisation form plus your project form or forms.

Here is a copy of the most up to date FAQs.