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LBTH Small Grants Fund Programme Guidlines

The council is launching a new programme of small grants for voluntary and community groups to fund innovative projects work which help improve the lives of Tower Hamlets residents and bring local people together to make our communities stronger.

Through setting up this small grants programme we want to empower local communities to do things for themselves through innovative responses to new and emerging needs which are flexible and can adjust to change. The programme will be accessible to groups which might not otherwise be able to get funding through larger funding programmes or be able to bid for funds through contractual arrangements.  We hope that this fund will also help local groups lever in other resources such as volunteers to support community activity.

The programme will provide one off ‘micro’ grants of up to £1,000, grants of up to £5,000 which may be for two years and, for projects which aim to improve community cohesion, up to £20,000.

Read the LBTH Small Grants Fund Programme Guidlines here

There are five themes in the programme

  1. Innovation to encourage innovation or pilot something new, especially where there is a gap;
  2. Prevention to promote grass roots activity to reduce the need for statutory services;
  3. Neighbourhood action to promote local neighbourhood initiatives;
  4. Community cohesion to develop community resilience, promote cultural opportunities and reduce social isolation, and
  5. Partnership working making the sector more effective through closer partnership working within the sector and across sectors.

There will be several opportunities to apply to the programme this year. 

First round is now open and the timetable

1 May                    First round launched

24 June                 Deadline for first round

1 Sept                   First round notifications

1 Oct                     New projects begin

Which groups will be eligible?

  • There is no restriction on size but smaller organisations will be given priority in some themes, particularly Neighbourhood Action.
  • We are looking for projects which have local leadership and benefit local communities.  This can mean local geographic communities or communities with a common interest or characteristic.
  • Groups are expected to have standards of governance and management which are appropriate to their size.  We may also fund un-constituted groups supported by established organisations.
  • The programme is only open to community based groups which are not for profit.  It is not open to individuals.

The small grants programme is being managed for the council by the East End Community Foundation.  EECF is a well-established local funding body and the council is pleased to be working in partnership with the foundation on this programme.  Not only will we have the benefit of one of the most experienced funding bodies in London but local groups may also have greater access to the range of other funds managed by the EECF.

How to Apply

•To apply for a grant of up to £1,000 please click here for the online application form

•To apply for a grant of up to £5,000 please click here for the online application form

•If you would like to make an application for over £5,000 under the community cohesion theme, please contact the EECF Grants Team on 020 7345 4444 to discuss your proposal.

You will then need to fill in an application form, which will be sent to you if appropriateIf you would like a paper application form,please contact the EECF Grants Team on 020 7345 4444 or email grants@eastendcf.org


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