Tower Hamlets public health team are currently refreshing the Diabetes Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and would like to share their initial thoughts with CVS partners. The JSNA process will involve looking at the latest developments in policy and evidence and understand what is being done locally to address this issue. Public and stakeholder input will form key part of the JSNA. See more details below.

Diabetes is a serious long-term health condition that can increase the risk of life-changing complications such as heart disease, blindness and limb amputation. In Tower Hamlets around 18,500 people are diagnosed with diabetes and a further 3500 remain undiagnosed.  The vast majority of people diagnosed (96%) have type 2 diabetes. Tower Hamlets has the third-highest rate of type 2 diabetes in London.

Who are at a higher risk of developing diabetes?

Being overweight or obese significantly increases the risk of diabetes, therefore losing weight through healthier eating and physical activity are key to diabetes prevention and management
More people aged between 45-84 have a diagnosis of type 2 than any other age groups in Tower Hamlets – those aged 65-74 have the highest level of type 2 diabetes
South Asian residents are at the greatest risk - 65% have type 2 diabetes. 24% of those living with type 2 diabetes are White.

Services available in Tower Hamlets

  1. Community awareness: Partnership with Diabetes UK to hold a series of ‘know your risk’ community events in 2020 to reduce risk through increased early detection. 
  2. National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP): A 9-month behaviour change programme to support individuals in losing weight, improve physical activity and improve diet. Eligibility: Those with blood glucose reading, HbA1c 42 – 47 mmol/mol
  3. Tier 2 weight management service: 12-week multi-component behaviour change programme. It is currently being recommissioned and will start in March 2020. Eligibility: TH residents or TH GP registered, BMI over 30 (27.5 if South Asian).
  4. Way to Wellbeing, Tier 3 weight management service: A 12-month programme focussing on motivational coaching, physical activity and healthy eating; delivered as 1-1, group sessions and with a digital offer. Eligibility: TH residents or TH GP registered, BMI over 35 with long-term conditions (33 for south Asian) or with BMI over 40 only.
  5. The Community Diabetes Service: Offers a range of services for people diagnosed with diabetes from structured education sessions, eye screening to psychological support.


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