Toynbee Hall has been tasked by the Berkley Foundation with conducting a research project looking at how private renting can be made safer, better and more secure for young people, in order to prevent young people from becoming homeless. At Toynbee Hall we have a commitment to, and a rich history of, tackling poverty, inequality and injustice within our local community, and an important part of this has been to provide our community with a platform to share their experiences with key decision-makers. This is why we need your help!

As you live every day in Tower Hamlets, YOU are the experts around the issues young people in Tower Hamlets face with their landlords and how things can work better. This is why Toynbee Hall wants you to be at the center of this project, as a peer researcher, deciding what issues we should study, how we should study them, and how we can work together to create positive changes that will benefit you and other young people.


Who is this for:

  • Aged between 18-30
  • Living in East London
  • Renting through a private landlord

Get in touch to learn more on 0207 392 2956 or email

Participants will be reimbursed for their time and no previous experience in research is required!