‘Common Ground’ will be a one-day street party with stalls, music, talks, performances, workshops and games along Pundersons Gardens and Middleton Street, acting as a physical connection between The Common House, Keddleston Community Centre and Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. 

This event will be free and open for all to attend, and all of the activities put on by each participant will be free. We are awaiting to hear back from funding applications, when confirmed, we will be offering unfunded/volunteer run groups £80 to participate in the day, upon request. 

We are looking for proposals from groups/spaces/organisations/individuals who live/work in the local area to participate in any way you wish, e.g through stalls/talks/workshops/performances/games/any form appropriate. 

The idea is to bring what happens ‘inside’ community spaces and groups outside into the street. 

We are inviting inviting community groups to discover each others’ work. We are hoping to enable local groups and organisations to connect with the communities and individuals who live in the immediate area.

Our purpose is:

  • (i) to bring what happens inside community spaces outside, into the street, 
  • (ii) to make connections between projects and groups that use local community spaces, strengthen networks and skills and contribute to community wellbeing; 
  • (iii) to celebrate the range of activities that take place locally.

Learning how much is going on within community spaces behind closed doors is inspiring, so we hope Common Ground will facilitate more chances for encounter and sharing. The opportunities to share skills and resources will help work towards building a local network of spaces that can support each other in different ways. 

The deadline for proposals is Wednesday 31st July 2019 9pm, please fill out this short google form.

There is also an open planning meeting coming up: Check the Open Planning meeting

31st July 2019
The Common House
5e Pundersons Gardens

Here is a link to the facebook event for the planning meetings  https://www.facebook.com/events/2232509170119693/

And a link to the facebook event for the street festival https://www.facebook.com/events/352255135449780/