Tower Hamlets Meals on Wheels - Change to the service

The council has recently undertaken a review of the meals on wheels service to assess whether it provides people with choice, promotes independence and re-ablement, and gives value for money.  Following the review, the way LBTH support vulnerable people with their meals and nutrition will be changing.

The main change is that meals on wheels will no longer be provided by the council and people will be supported to find alternative arrangements that meet their individual needs. This will mean current meal recipients will need to get their meals from other sources, if they cannot be prepared by them or someone in their support network. A small number of people may need extra help at home to manage getting this food ready.

To ensure LBTH continue to provide support to those who are eligible and have the greatest need, we will be carrying out a needs assessment with service users. This will allow  to establish what support is needed and ensure that any new arrangements which are put in place meet those needs. Additional support at home will be offered to people who have eligible needs.

The changes to the meals on wheels service will be implemented gradually over the next four months, following the needs assessment.

LBTH will be contacting people currently in receipt of meals on wheels soon by letter, and then by telephone to arrange a home visit to conduct the needs assessment. During this visit LBTH will take the opportunity to explain the changes being made to the service in more detail and meal recipients and their carers will be able to ask any questions or raise any concerns. 

LBTH would like to reassure you that any decision about a person’s care and support will be made with them. There will be no changes to a person’s meals on wheels service until we have met with them and agreed a new care plan.

All changes implemented will be planned and we will be in contact with service users at each stage of the process. LBTH are committed to supporting individuals through this change and ensuring that everyone with eligible needs for support around nutrition and meals will be offered it.

If you would like to get in touch about this subject please contact LBTH on