Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of THCVS. Please see below for the types of membership and the benefits of becoming a member.

 THCVS Membership is FREE!

Benefits of membership include:

Types of Membership:

  1. Organisation (with voting rights at the THCVS AGM)

    Organisational membership is open to:
    Not-for-profit organisations in the voluntary and community sector which are based in Tower Hamlets, or which deliver services in Tower Hamlets, stakeholders, funders and statutory organisations with links to the voluntary and community sector in Tower Hamlets.

  2. Individual (without voting rights at the THCVS AGM)

    Individual membership is open to:
    Individuals working in the voluntary and community sector in Tower Hamlets in a paid or voluntary capacity.

We look forward to welcoming you as a THCVS member.

For any queries regarding the membership process, please contact THCVS:

0203 559 6696

Step 1

Submit your membership application received via our online web form or email attachment.

Acknowledgement emailed within 2/3 days 

You can access THCVS support once your membership is submitted, you do not need to wait for the approval.

Step 2

Due diligence appraisal

Once received your application the THCVS staff team will conduct due diligence appraisal as per appendix 1 and make recommendations for approval to the THCVS board.

We may come back to you if we need more information

Step 3


THCVS Board meet every 2 months to approve membership recommendations following a review of due diligence process. 

Organisations will be notified of approval or process for appeal if not approved.

Step 4

Profile update

Every two years from your membership start date THCVS will update your profile and we will ask you to confirm and fill any gaps.   

This will keep an updated snapshot of the VCS sector in Tower Hamlets that will feed into the development of our support offer, representation of your organisation across partners in the borough and  access to key activities and events that will support you to strengthen your organisation.