Next Leadership Forum – 30th January 2019

The focus of this Forum is to create a space to think collectively about the challenges we face as a sector in delivering health and social care services and support for older people.

To start the discussion, we are attaching for you:

We would like to enable and facilitate the not for profit sector to come together to start exploring where we would like to see health and social care in five and ten years and see this leadership forum as potentially the first step in that journey.


Leadership Forum – 28 June 2018

The Tower Hamlets VCS Leadership Forum gives you the opportunity to strengthen your networks, knowledge and impact and to influence the wider picture in the borough. At this session we will be discussing Working as part of a Consortium; with presentations from a range of providers able to share their experiences of being a lead provider, a support organisation and/or as a provider.

THCVS has focussed the Forum on exploring working in a consortium as Tower Hamlets is currently consulting on the Community Commissioning programme to replace the Mainstream Grants programme, which shows the preference on the part of local co book your spmmissioners to have single contracts with larger providers. This may impact particularly on smaller, specialist providers which traditionally have relied on a small amount of grant funding [and often, considerable volunteer input] to deliver services.  Many organisations may struggle to compete by themselves in the commissioning/large contract environment so will need to consider collaborating via a partnership or consortium approach.

Definition of a consortium ‘When, a number of separate bodies get together to form one contracting channel designed to create economies of scale, efficiency savings and to appeal to the desire of funders/commissioners to deal with one entity’.

The aim of the VCS Leadership Forum is to enhance and strengthen the leadership of the voluntary and community sector and social enterprises in Tower Hamlets. Aimed at Directors, Managers and Coordinators of organisations in the borough, it provides an opportunity for networking, information sharing. (We will also share some morning coffee and croissants.)

If you are in a leadership role, the Forum provides an opportunity to discuss and learn from others in the same situation as you:

• How to negotiate the statutory sector
• How to work together for maximum impact
• How to maximise your resources
• Best practice in all areas of VCS leadership and management

Previous sessions have been great networking and learning opportunities. We really look forward to seeing new and familiar faces. For more information on the Leadership Forum please see below.

See here for slides from our March 2016 Leadership Forum

About the Leadership Forum

The THCVS Leadership Forum aims to provide a supportive space for leaders of voluntary organisations in Tower Hamlets.  The Forum’s membership and events are quite broadly focused; our primary focus is on senior staff but this can cover a range of roles, both paid and voluntary – CEOs, Directors, senior managers and coordinators of all sizes of voluntary and community organisations are welcome.

The Forum gives sector leaders opportunities for information sharing, action learning and peer support. It also facilitates networking and plan seminars and specialists workshops by external experts.

For details of the next meeting please see our training & events page

If you would like to know more about the Leadership Forum please contact Alison Robert, Partnerships Manager on 020 8980 8427, or by alison.robert@thcvs.org.uk