THCVS Board members

Preeti Udas (Chair)
Preeti has been with THCVS for the past 5 years since she was co-opted to the board to bring Governance, Accountability and Project delivery focus to the work at THCVS. She is also a member of HR and Finance sub-committee. Preeti was elected chair at the 2018 AGM after previously serving as vice chair since 2016. 

An experienced Technology Project Manager who has worked across the globe with multinational teams, Preeti brings Corporate governance, Risk management and Stakeholder management skills to the board. She has a strong commitment to empowering the third sector to best serve the needs of their clients. At THCVS, her focus has been to drive the Strategic direction of CVS as it develops into a more mature organization and strengthens its partnerships with diverse set of stakeholders.

Issues around homelessness and imparting employability skills are important to her as are environmental issues. She is a member of her local Green Party and a keen practitioner of Yoga.

Mustafa Ibrahim (Treasurer)
Tower Hamlets Somali Organisations Network
Mustafa has worked in a number of roles across inner London over the past 17 years. He has worked as a Co-ordinator and later as CEO of Tower Hamlets Somali Organisations Network (THSON). From almost two decade he is most proud of 'My experience and skills in the voluntary sector making strategic decisions, supporting unheard voices and building the capacity of communities particularly BME’s and charity organisations'.
Suzanne Firth (Trustee)
Green Candle Dance Company
Suzanne is the administrator, registrar and internal verifer for Green Candle’s Diploma: Leading Dance with Older People. Green Candle Dance is a local charity which teaches dance and enables people of all ages and abilities to create dance productions. 

Suzanne was elected to the board of trustees at the 2011 Annual General Meeting.

Sharon joined the newly formed THCVS in 2010 and was the Vice Chair from 2010 – 2016. Sharon has worked in the public sector in East London for 20 years and in the voluntary sector as the Deputy Director of Social Action for Health and the Chief Executive of Women’s Health and Family Services in Tower Hamlets from 2008 – 2016. Sharon currently works for Waltham Forest Council where she has set up a Social Prescribing service in the borough  working with Public Health, the Clinical Commissioning Group, GPs and the voluntary and community sector. Sharon is passionate about public speaking and supporting women to develop their confidence to do the 3 minute “elevator pitch”! Sharon has lived in East London for over 30 years and is also a local Magistrate. 
Joynul Hoque (Trustee)
The Stifford Centre

Joynul is currently the Interim Centre Manager at Stifford Centre where he leads a number of projects and prior to this he was the Programme Manager. He has been working at Stifford Since 2009. Before joining Stifford, he spent 18 years working for the Civil Service at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and secondment to the Home Office. He also spent some time working at a number of the British Diplomatic posts overseas as an Entry Clearance Manager and Internal Audit.  
From 2013-2014 he was the governor of a Tower Hamlets local authority school. He describes this as a highly beneficial experience, allowing him to get first-hand experience of governance.

Mike Smith (Trustee)

Mike Smith is the chief executive of Real, a position he has been in for seven years. Real is the user-led organisation of disabled people in Tower Hamlets. Previously he has worked as a Director at PwC and was a Commissioner at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Mike spoke about his connection to Tower Hamlets “I’ve lived in the borough for 18 years and have no intention of moving. I love our vibrant community and all of its diversity. I represent some of that diversity myself, as a gay disabled man.” Thinking about why he joined the board of THCVS, he talked about his belief in the positive impact not-for-profit organisations can make “I want to ensure that the work of this important sector is properly supported and connected, and together we have the maximum chance of meeting the needs of the communities we serve.”

Yara Marion (Trustee)
Social Prescribing in Tower Hamlets

Yara has been living in Tower Hamlets since she arrived to the UK six years ago. Academically, she has an MBA and a post graduate degree in Economic Development. Professionally, she has international experience working with different programs for poverty alleviation and social aid, ranging from microfinance to foodbanks to AIDS prevention. She was born and raised in Lebanon; speaks English, French, Arabic, and Spanish fluently and has lived in France, Canada, Argentina and Mexico.  She is currently working with the Social Prescribing network in Tower Hamlets.  Yara says that serving on the Board of THCVS allows her to build a sustainable voluntary sector, developing positive bridges with the statutory and the private sectors.

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Jama Omar (Trustee)
Somali Senior Citizens Club

Jama is a senior member of the Somali Senior Citizens Club and has lived in Tower Hamlets for 27 years. Jama values collaboration between local organisations highly, and is an active participant in many local forums including the Premises Forum.

Chris Ley (Trustee)
NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group

Chris has worked within the Voluntary, Charity or Public Sector for the past 30 years and is in his 20th year here in Tower Hamlets.

He is currently Network Director of the Poplar & Limehouse Health Network which is a Community Interest Company providing health and wellbeing initiatives working with GPs and community partners in Poplar, Limehouse and the Isle of Dogs. He also works for the TH GP Care Group (the GP Federation in Tower Hamlets), managing strategic work across the Borough.

Chris values the opportunity, to work as a Trustee of THCVS, to help support voluntary organisations to continue to provide their vital services to the residents of Tower Hamlets. 

Selina Uddin (Trustee)

Selina has worked in within the voluntary and corporate social responsibility sector for over 12 years and is a Tower Hamlets resident. She is currently Director of Community and Education at the East London Business Alliance, a membership charity that builds the connection, and brings together businesses and local communities. 
Serving on the board of THCVS is a great opportunity for Selina to further support the vibrant voluntary sector of Tower Hamlets and ensure it continues to meet the needs of the borough.

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Eddie Coppinger (Legal Advice Centre, University House)

Eddie has just joined our board (Welcome Eddie), so we'll update this space soon.