Woman’s Trust is a charity providing free, specialist domestic abuse counselling to London women. They are looking for a venue in Tower Hamlets to host some of their 1-2-1 counselling sessions. They are currently looking to hire the following in Tower Hamlets:

       -  A room to use once a week from 6pm-10pm

      -   A room to use every Tuesday from 1pm-5pm

The space would need to accomodate a maximum of 2 people in the room during the sessions, and it is important that the room be a quiet and confidential space. The maximum hourly rate that they can currently afford is 12 pounds/hour. They are looking to start using the room from September onwards for a period of at least 18 consecutive weeks. They would be happy to arrange a longer term agreement.  

For more information contact: office@womanstrust.org.uk or 0207 034 0303

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