Our May Health and Wellbeing Forum took mental health and wellbeing as a theme, with a number of invited speakers who are working around this issue.

See the presentation - outlining the discussions from our speakers.


Presentation Contents

  • Slide 2 holds the agenda for the meeting.
  • Slide 4, Sukhjit Sanghera and Abi Gilbert from LBTH outline the policy context in the borough.
  • Slide 19, Isabel White talks about the Community Parents Project - a service working with mothers and babies
  • Slide 27 Rebecca Clement-Nye and Jennifer Fear from Step Forward, discuss how their service supports young people from 11 to 25 years old.
  • Slide 37, Sue-Jane O'Keefe gives a community housing providers account, from Gateway Housing.
  • Slide 43, Sue Golding discusses the People Participation Programme at ELFT.
  • Slide 53, Fiona Ball talks about the Recovery College and on slide 53, we find out about the Involvement and co-production programme at Inspire.


Mental Health and Wellbeing - Additional Online Resources

The Government’s Green Paper on Mental Health: Failing a Generation

Tower Hamlets JSNA Chapter 1 - Mental Health - nb. the JSNA is due for refresh from this 2013 edition

Stress - Are We Coping? - Mental Health Foundation Report

Time to Change - Mental Health Calendar for events to raise awarness of mental health and wellbeing

How to Support Mental Health at Work - from the Mental Health Foundation


Mental Health and Wellbeing Community Resources

Tower Hamlets Recovery College - Supports wellbeing and mental health recovery through education and learning. Tower Hamlets Recovery College is for everyone.

Tower Hamlets Council Website - Contains a comprehensive listing of support services across the borough around mental health and wellbeing.

Inspire, Mental Health Consortium - Group of organisations working together in the borough to support people with mental health problems

Mindfulness courses at Breathing Space, London Buddhdist Centre - there are options to access free sessions for those with income less that £15,000



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