The first of our networking event was held in March, bringing together commissioners and voluntary groups in the borough, providing an opportunity for the sector to start preparing deeper partnership working. The agenda looked at:

We had some great pitches from a number of local groups who are looking to work in closer with others and presented great pitches.

Our VCS presenters covered the three lifecourse workstreams outlined in the THT priorities - Born and Growing Well, Living Well, and Complex Adults and Aging Well.

Born and Growing Well

Sue-Jane O'keefe from Gateway Housing is looking to engage and involve young people in health and wellbeing activity. They are specificly looking for groups to partner with to develop new services.

Bill Gibbons from Alzheimers Society are looking to embed dementia knowledge in the school curriculum and youth and intergenerational families work.

Shirley Serber from Food Talk, who deliver work around early years, maternal, childhood obesity and supporting local communities are looking for partners than can enhance joint services with their food game. They are also looking for partners to apply for local funding and/or research studies.

Living Well

Maddy Evans from Women's Environmental Network are looking for organisations to collaborate on events and campaigns, collaborate on funded projects, and those who want to share resources and making connections.

Safia Jama from Somali Integration Team talked about the need for services and projects to take account of how they will meet the needs of the Somali communities in the borough and some of the barriers experianced currently by community members accessing services.

Complex Adults and Ageing Well

Many Molyneux from Neighbours in Poplar have developed programmes for clients in their hubs and client homes. They are looking to provide more virtual skype, face to face time, social media and fun learning circles. They want to identify appropriote partnerships to make this a reality - for example, financing a tutor.

Joe Ellis from Alzheimers Society talked about a peer-led project working with carers, which produced a handbook for carers that focused specifically on their needs as a carer of someone with Alzheimers. They are looking for partnerships to update the handbook, and secure funding for printing, promotion and marketing.

Mike Smith from REAL talked about the work REAL is doing to promote the needs of people with disabilities and their communities realising change programme.

Take a look at the slides here and here



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