Disparities Project

Black Asian Minorities Ethnic communities in Tower Hamlets have played a key role in the borough’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic, providing ‘reach’ and support into communities; securing resources to strengthen that support and successfully advocating on behalf of the needs of their communities.

This project is part of the Tower Hamlets Council (LBTH) response to the Public Health England Disparities report produced earlier in the year. The report highlighted the disparity of experience between Black Asian Minorities Ethnic communities and the wider public during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The aim is to work with Black Asian Minorities Ethnic communities to amplify and sustain the impact and influence achieved during the response to the pandemic.

Alongside the work on influencing change, the project also aims to support participating community groups to be sustainable in the longer term and will draw on the wider THCVS resources to deliver this aim.

The Black Asian Minorities Ethnic network will meet quarterly to discuss on broader issues.

To request that your organisation be added to the mailing list or for further information on the disparities project, please send an email to info@thcvs.org.uk

Community of Practice

August 2021

The BAME Disparities project continues to take shape. Its 1st Community of Practice recently held on the 14th of July, at a well-attended multisectoral dialogue, including Compact Well Being as a vital partner.  

The CoP showed eagerness to get to the root problems of the BAME Mental Health Disparities, which collating aggregated data on the BAME organizations mental health work with their beneficiaries, can provide the needed clarity and interventions the multi stakeholders can bring to the table.

As a result, a working group constituted has conducted a tool mapping kit for the insight into BAME organizations mental health work with their beneficiaries.

The administration of the tool kit, takes place in August.

About the BAME DISPARITIES PROJECT: is a partnership approach to providing a locally driven, co-production support programme targeting BAME disparities in Tower Hamlets, with an emphasis on prioritising mental health.

The scale of the mental health challenge of BAME groups in Tower Hamlets, derived from the findings of the assessment conducted as part of the pilot program and where 30 BAME organisations was assessed, all alluded to the fact that main health disparity of their beneficiaries was mental health closely followed by diabetes.

BAME Disparities Project Networking event

27th January

In January THCVS hosted a networking event bringing together BAME led community groups in Tower Hamlets for a discussion about responding to and taking forward the findings from the recent Tower Hamlets Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Inequalities Commission. The event brought together about 50 participants from Tower Hamlets and East London.

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The project combines funding secured from National Lottery Community Fund to support capacity building and digital networking for BAME community groups and from LBTH Public Health to amplify and sustain the impact and influence BAME community groups achieved during the response to Covid 19 pandemic.