Notes from the 16th November and 22nd November workshop

Here are the facilitator notes we wrote up from the discussions we had on the 16th and 22nd November Council Grants Policy Co-production workshops.

I am posting these notes for transparency and the interest of those present.

I am in the process of sorting these notes and the notes from the launch into themes and creating recommendations based on these that we will test via our focus groups and survey. Eventually all of the input will be written into a final report from THCVS. 

First look back at the launch event

This Monday (31st October) THCVS hosted the launch event for co-producing the Tower Hamlets Council's new grants policy. After presentations from the Mayor and David Freeman (LBTH's VCS Strategy Manager) we started a process of discussing what the grants policy should look like in a year if everything goes well, facilitated by staff here at THCVS and council officers involved in LBTH's VCS strategy.

A number of interesting points were raised, including:

Blogging about grants in Tower Hamlets

This is the first of a series of blogs that I will be doing to keep you up to date about the LBTH grants co-production process between now and the end of the year. The idea behind the blogs are to give you a sense of how things are going and my personal reflections on the process, as well as my thoughts on co-production. Official news I will post on the news section - and will be included into our main news feed. 

Section 106 consultation and events: Mile End and Aldgate East community cohesion tenders

Mile End and Aldgate East Section 106 community cohesion events and consultation: 

Tower Hamlets Council is looking to commission projects which will enhance community cohesion in the Mile End and Aldgate areas (the areas covered by the green, mauve and blue sections on the maps attached). The project is being funded using section 106 contributions from nearby developments.

Section 106 Community Cohesion Consultation

Sitting in with the Third Sector Advisory Board

This afternoon I sat in on a meeting with the Third Sector Advisory Board (TSAB) as part of my new role as Communications & Research Officer at Tower Hamlets CVS.The TSAB was first created when Tower Hamlets CVS’ (THCVS) predecessor closed down, to ensure there was a direct line of communication between the local Voluntary Sector and the Council. After the re-founding of a CVS in the borough the Board has survived as a jointly-held forum between the Council and the local Third Sector.


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