The latest blog from our CEO Damian Brady, highlights the importance of completing the State of the Sector Survey 2018.

Whether it is the impact of the EU referendum vote; general economic, political, social or demographic change; premises issues or Community Commissioning, these are times of great flux for charities. Tower Hamlets ‘State of the Sector’ survey aims to get a picture of the current challenges impacting voluntary sector organisations in the borough.


Each year the survey collects information about how healthy the sector is, the role it is playing, workforce, income, expenditure, volunteering and the wellbeing of service users. As a result it has become a valuable resource for the voluntary and community sector. 


We use the survey to inform government, our council, CCG, funders, academics and the media of the scale and impact of the sector. In addition, findings from previous surveys have proved invaluable to individual organisations and sub-sectors for a range of activities including lobbying and fundraising. We also rely on having up to date information from our members and others in the voluntary sector to enable us to advocate on your behalf.


The effectiveness of the survey relies on the response from our sector and therefore we encourage all those organisations that have received the survey to take a few moments to complete it. Please remember that no matter how large or small your organisation we need to hear from you. Results are anonymised and collated in order for us to publish our ‘State of the sector’ reports which we will share with you once it is ready.


To find out more about the State of the Sector survey or our work in general please contact Peter Vittles on 020 8980 8427 or

Please complete the survey by 5pm on 21st August 2018

To access the survey click here