How would you design the new Tower Hamlets Council grants policy?

Here at THCVS, we are looking forward to the first Grants Policy Co-production Workshop on the 16th November (repeated on the 22nd November). 

As time goes on with this project, it becomes more and more obvious how important it is that as a sector we engage in helping the council shape their new grants policy. With the shift towards commissioning outlined in the VCS strategy, the new council grants policy will be vital to make sure that smaller, more targeted pieces of work can still be carried out. 

Over the next few weeks we will be asking people how those pieces of work should be identified and what approach the council should take to fund them. These are questions that will influence the sector for years to come. 

The answers that come out of these workshops will very much depend on who engages with the process - so I would encourage everyone with a stake (or who would like to have a stake) in the future grants process to register. We also need a strong response to show that council grants are a helpful part of the funding landscape (if indeed they are). 

So please register using one of the links above / through our training and events page or through the links in our recent bulletins. I will look forward to hearing what you have to say and building the conversation about council grants with you. 

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