This Monday (31st October) THCVS hosted the launch event for co-producing the Tower Hamlets Council's new grants policy. After presentations from the Mayor and David Freeman (LBTH's VCS Strategy Manager) we started a process of discussing what the grants policy should look like in a year if everything goes well, facilitated by staff here at THCVS and council officers involved in LBTH's VCS strategy.

A number of interesting points were raised, including:

  • whether grants should be used to help small organisations and groups with core funding and/or capacity building
  • who should be eligable for grants
  • how to help make grants accessible to very small groups and organisations
  • how to play to the strengths of the VCS  

There were also points around what the conversation between organsiations and groups seeking grant funding and council should look like, what the application process should be and what monitoring should look like - all things to discuss in the second stage of the co-production process (January onward). 

Overall it felt like the level of discussion reflected the solid experience and skills in the room. The next steps for us here at THCVS are to collate and make sense of the large amount of notes taken and use them to inform the next step - our first workshop (of two) on designing the grants policy (click here for more info and to book.) 

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