The NHS Plan and Social Prescribing

The NHS Plan and Social Prescribing

Blog by Damian Brady, CEO

Those of you who have the time to read the recently published NHS plan will have seen the commitment by NHS England to fund 1,000 social prescribers across England and Wales and to cover 100% of the cost of social prescribing link workers, up to a salary of £34K. Specifically the plan says that GPs “may choose” to fund a local VCSE organisation to run the service and employ the workers on their behalf.

See, the Council does listen to the not for profit sector!

See, the Council does listen to the not for profit sector!

Blog by Damian Brady, CEO

Tower Hamlets Council has just launched the Local Community Fund as a replacement for the former Community Commissioning Fund. The more jaded and cynical among us in the 3rd sector may have just shrugged at the announcement emails and mumbled ‘just the same stuff under a new name’. However, for once that is not the case and for once it seems that the Council has listened to you our members (and us your CVS) about what better would look like.

My time at THCVS by Jane Bell

The last three months of my interim role have whizzed by super-swiftly and it’s been interesting to get to know local groups and their development and organisational needs. Advice sessions have covered a wide range of topics including setting up new charitable organisations, winding up or scaling down as an organisation, funding strategy advice and reviewing funding application drafts.

GDPR & Cyber Security pt 1 – Just when you thought it was safe to go back into data collecting

GDPR & Cyber Security pt 1 – Just when you thought it was safe to go back into data collecting


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force just over four months ago on 25th May so with your new sparkly ‘consent’ forms and privacy statement all done you can forget about it, right?


Unfortunately not, in fact GDPR is an ongoing process with responsibilities including carrying out the routine data law compliance checks: audits, security monitoring/updating and training etc.


THCVS State of the Sector Survey 2018, why you need to complete it today...

The latest blog from our CEO Damian Brady, highlights the importance of completing the State of the Sector Survey 2018.

Whether it is the impact of the EU referendum vote; general economic, political, social or demographic change; premises issues or Community Commissioning, these are times of great flux for charities. Tower Hamlets ‘State of the Sector’ survey aims to get a picture of the current challenges impacting voluntary sector organisations in the borough.


First 90 Days - Damian Brady on his first three months in the role

Eleven weeks ago, I became the Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets CVS. Since then, I have been on a learning curve like no other I have experienced. This blog attempts to capture some of what I have learned and to present that for sharing and discussion with the not for profit sector in the borough.

That times are tough

'You Said We Did' Workshop slides and survey link

'You Said We Did' Workshop Slides

By popular demand, we have made the slides from the 'You Said We Did' Council Grants Policy Workshop we held on the 6th December 2017, available online (see attached document below). 

Feedback from the workshop (where we asked people to scrutinise the feedback so far) will be available early in the New Year. 


SurveyMonkey link:   

Feedback by theme - all workshops

So, after engaging more than 70 different organisations / community groups in our Council Grants Policy discussion over 3 workshops since the 30th October, we have been able to theme the feedback. It makes for very interesting, reading (for a collection of what is essentially facilitators' notes).

There are clear themes that emerged through all of the workshops, even though tthe conversations were very different.

In terms of what grants should fund the majority of input was suggesting: 


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